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At J3D.AI, we revolutionize the way conferences and organizations approach market intelligence. Our mission is to democratize access to powerful decision-making intelligence that was once available only to the elite and amplify its impact with cutting-edge AI tools.

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Within Conferences

To reduce manual labor, bias or inefficiency

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Between Organizations and Investors

To increase global decision-making and output with AI and metrics

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Who we work with

We are proud to work with a diverse range of organizations and communities to drive systemic global change.

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Foundations for change

A robust set of features

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Real-Time Analytics

Enable real-time data communication, visualization and execution for market intelligence.

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AI-Powered Insights and Agents

Leverage advanced AI tools, such as Chatham Agents, to deliver personalized and actionable insights.

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Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic querying and personalization, help investors & corporates understand their emergent industry patterns better,

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AI-Powered Reports and Metrics

Visualize and analyze topic trends with dashboards, reports and knowledge graphs

User first design

User Journey

data-driven decision-making

Why J3D.AI?

Enhanced Performance and Productivity

Gartner reveals that collaborative work management can boost project success rates by up to 70%. Our platform's live transcribing and note-taking features significantly reduce report generation time and errors. This translates into enhanced efficiency and productivity, crucial in the face of ever-changing demands.

Promoting Inclusive Representation

Accenture's research highlights the multiplier effect of equality on innovation and growth. J3D.AI facilitates a remarkable 60%-70% increase in knowledge sharing and skill development, fostering a culture of inclusivity that drives impactful outcomes.

Bridging Boundaries for Big Challenges

Bain & Company research indicates that 85% of corporate strategy is impeded by siloed thinking across internal teams. The challenges of today go beyond departmental boundaries and isolated silos. J3D.AI serves as the bridge, facilitating collaboration across these boundaries for effective problem-solving.

Beyond the Core Team: Embrace the Collective

A Deloitte study found that only 12% of executives rate their organizations as industry leaders in leveraging collective intelligence. Gone are the days when a small team could single-handedly tackle complex issues. The power of collective intelligence is harnessed through J3D.AI, ensuring that a wide range of minds, talents, and expertise are engaged in crafting solutions.


How it Works

Setting Structure

Gathering relevant stakeholders to utilize a mathematically-optimized method for rapid systemic change.

Key Experts

Working during the process with decision-makers and our suite of tools to gather data.

Enhanced Group Dynamics with AI Agents

Increased group dynamics via different interventions and systemic change for enhanced performance.

Data-Driven Insights

Real-time AI-enabled data analytics, and automated documentation for comprehensive, actionable reports with metrics.



"Observing the progression of our dialogues, and our collective approach to the subjects has been truly enlightening. The interaction and method are fruitfully guiding of our solutions."

Marius Von Spreti

Head of Cybersecurity, Deloitte

"The greatest danger of AI is concluding too early that we understand it. We must understand, take responsibility, and take action. Which is what we’re achieved to collaboratively agree on."

Sergej Epp

CISO, Palo Alto Networks

"I had the most inspiring and intellectually stimulating experience with such an incredible cohort of extraordinary leaders - excellence and efficiencyy never happen by chance!"

Janet C. Salazar

Executive Chairman & President, Foundation for the Support of the United Nations

"We've got some of Germany's top tech minds joining us for the next 48 hours. Our goal? To delve into the complexities of AI, cybersecurity, and the future of digitalization. And the solution is here."

Dr. Ralf Schneider

CIO, Group Allianz

"It is a brilliant idea to use AI and human intelligence to grow on the issues we face in the future. The use of AI is changing Asian relevance in the world, and that’s what we’re tackling here."

Dr. Frank Jürgen Richter

Founder and Chairman, Horasis

"Being part of this event's committee has been an honor. We've got some of Germany's top tech minds joinning us for the next 48 hours. Our goal? To delve into the complexities of AI, cybersecurity, and the future of digitalization. It's about finding common ground and preparing for what's ahead."

Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar

Director of Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin

We have 100+ C-level participants who have commented as such ...

"By design, or by intuition, excellent choice of participants. Participants are making the event. Secondly, the methodology shows a clear path between the steps."

"My impression was quite changed after bringing together diverse people and giving a voice to a shared vision of what we are doing here."

"What I found interesting is that there are a lot of things that are solvable in discussion, if technical or non-technical, based on the background we have. That's my biggest impression."

"I love the presentations, as it invites all the information we've done together. Diversity of thoughts, and to come together as a group or collective is very rewarding. Looking forward to bring our group to the next level. Congratulations everyone!

"I've been on the path of understanding these goals(Inner Development Goals) for a while, and our environment is quite complex. Working with positions or leadership, this is the key way to bring together stakeholders and apply ethical AI."

"Very structured approach and impressed how much can be done in a short amount of time."

"The entire structure and flow of the meeting is memorable."

"I like the mediation part, and the co-operative insights."

"When all the 8s got together, via cross-matching, we had a deep dive into our topics. Thank you!"

"Taipan, or the development of Vietnam to the level of Japan or Taiwan, is our goal."

"Most significant part is to meet everybody. To not just shake hands, but to get their thoughts for the last 2 days."

"Military and foreign affairs of Vietnam says thank you!"

"In the morning, I knew nobody. By the end of this workshop, I knew everyone!"

"It's very intense. I think the process you use has a lot of speed and potential."

"I've noticed an unusual level of respect amidst the group given our diverse background."

"Preparing a presentation in 15 minutes with people you don’t know is quite something!"

Case studies

Extracting the most from high-stakes decision-making


Transcontinental Hydrogen Valley, World Economic Forum,davos

In collaboration with Ecubes and leading hydrogen stakeholders from EU and UAE, J3D.AI facilitated and supported the initiation of a transcontinental hydrogen valley.

Learn more

SystAIn3r Hackathon, Munich

Hosting a hackathon with 100 developers in AI, web3 and cybersecurity to utilize coding languages transcription and tackle global SDGs.

Learn more

CyberBrains, Berlin

With ESMT, Malik, Deloitte, Allianz, Palo Alto Networks, J3D.AI curated and supported a high-level cybersecurity meetup for ethical AI. The event featured hand-picked leaders from AWS, Swiss Re, European Union, and more.

Learn more

Horasis Asia Meeting, Vietnam

J3D.AI will deply its' methodology, technology and metrics analysis to enhance collaboration between world leaders.

Learn more
Our collaborators

Our stakeholders and collaborators are from world-leading companies


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What is J3D.AI

J3D.AI is an AI-powered market intelligence platform that enhances collective intelligence and performance. Using systems theory, J3D.AI revolutionizes cross-sector collaboration and acts as a force for systemic global change.

How does J3D.AI differ from other collaboration platforms?

We use the fundamentals of systems theory to make sure all decision-makers or stakeholders act as a collective intelligence. Including machine learning and consciousness-enhancement practices, we know how consensus-forming works.

What about pricing?

We personalize our software to the end-user, based on specific features, such as strategic alignment, dashboards, AI decision-making tools, trend tracking, etc.

For a trial of our software, please request demo or write to us at primary@j3d.ai

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